FS17: Bastage Farms
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    Bastage Farms Opening
    Bastage Farms

    If you have a steam/original copy of Farming Simulator 2017 I have setup a server which you can join now. For now it doesn't have any mods, but I will add them the day of the event in case this server turns out with enough people from the Bastage community playing.

    Steps/details to join:

    Open up FS17 > Click Multiplayer > Join Game > International

    International server list will appear then you just search for ours:

    Server Name: Bastage Farms
    IP: (Not really of use as you can just search the name)
    Password: bastardo

    I set up a password to avoid other people joining.

  • Bump. Yeah because there's literally no one playing this I'l just cancel it.