Regular Meetings

  • GTA 5 can be hilarious if you have people to goof around with. So let's organize more or less regular meetings!

    "But Kenny, people can come into our sessions and be dicks!"
    Well that's what the kick function is for. Also you can create private lobbies but those won't allow you to do any jobs

  • Im usually up for a game, just holla when you are ready to jam.

  • Alright everyonew let's do this! we should meet sometime to enjoy ourselves

  • I would love to do so, but uninstalled GTA 5 as it took too much space on my hard drive. If I see many players that are interested in GTA 5 related things here, I will install it back again, feel free to add me on R* "FanStarWarsFan" Discord "MainStarWarsFan #3851" and Steam "FamousStarWarsFan" if you want me to play with you, as I said, I don't have it installed but if I see that people really want to play, sure.

  • 😵