Website Revamp / Team Additions

May 13, posted by:
After receiving feedback on the previous theme, we decided to give the website a revamp to make it more like a website/forum that people are used. Although the new website is quite sparse and it is not as active as it once was, we can still be found daily on the Bastage Network Discord, so feel free to drop by. Please use this topic for any suggestions or issues you are experiencing with the website. P.S....

Bastage Servers - Now Online

Dec 13, posted by:
Hi Guys, Our CS:GO and GMOD servers are now back online, we will add more as of when we need them or at the communities request The details are as follows: CS:GO Server
IP: (
Port: 27015 Direct Connect: steam://connect/ GMOD Server

New Theme

Sep 13, posted by:
We just installed a new theme onto the forum, leave feedback in this topic. alt text

Bastage Network branches out!

Jun 15, posted by:
Bastage Network has now branched off away from MTA and SAES. Our new discord can be found here: This is a new initiative to get Bastage out of the shadows of MTA and start building a future proof community. @vinnie will post more information soon.