Steam phishing/scam warning!
By Angelo, in PC Gaming

  • I received a friend invite from a random person who later on sent me an email prompting to participate in a "spin the wheel" game where you are supposed to win a game. You are required to "link" your steam account, so you are directed to a steam login page that is a fake page. I repeat, it is not a steam login page, it is a phishing page meant to steal your steam account information.

    If you have received a similar message or have entered your steam credentials recently in a website you were provided through similar ways, CHANGE YOUR STEAM PASSWORD NOW! And any other accounts you have that use the same password.

    This is the message I was sent:
    alt text

  • Moral of the story, dont add people you dont know (Or who doesnt have any friends in common) and also dont click on links you dont know from people whose accounts have been scammed.

  • Well there are people who accept all/most friend invites. Sometimes it's someone you played with, can't remember everyone. I added "random" who turned to be players I played with but did not notice. Nothing wrong with adding friends. Even the people you know could be hacked. The point being use your brain and don't enter your credentials anywhere.