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  • Post your quotes here!

    These are the old ones from VCES days....

    Snakeye: INHALE MY BALLS
    VCES>Craig: assistance on the aiport roof, we have a lamer
    Justin: attention, the server is hacking or there is a glitch
    VCES>TheFonZ IS GONNA FUCKIN KILL the next exploding car he almost dies next to >:E >:E >:E
    [TAT]Tanner: theres a cheater doontoon
    [TAT]Adam: No wonder you guys are the most hated clan in VCES.
    [EDS]MINS: my anal is melting
    VCES>Div: everyone try and kill me
    Adolf.Hitler killed himself
    =FBI=: hey there peapole
    VCES>Jonas: u know.. thin poo
    VCES>Jonas: el explosivo excremento
    Me: Every body cavity must have something in it before you can call it pr0n!
    Ratt: i suck donkey dick and trust anything
    Kevuwk: yeah, i've been busty
    Robpol86: if i were your mom, i would have sex with your dad
    Johnline: send me pics of your fanny
    Talidan: Guys stop talking about penis's you're giving me an erection
    shushpup: IM NOT RETAREDED
    MAD_BOY: you god damn illeterates
    Talidan: you dont need to put 'fat' and 'american' in the same sentance.
    Ratt: i love a good teabag, me
    Rambo: iam rambo i can speak englisch and iam frizendly
    Ratt: women suck dick? no one told me
    Ratt: omfg my mums got a cucumber in her bedroom draw
    littlewhitey: theres a 0% chance of us getting any on christmas
    Ratt: well at least me mums good in bed
    Thesord: I... tried to fuck a dog in the ass
    MAD_BOY: everything above 17 inch is too big for me

    Post yours below!

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